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        • 案例概要: In June 2012, the super-Rong-line beam through a friend to find my total. Expressed the current use of the terminal and wiring harness processing efficiency is slow, high defect rate, consider changing suppliers......
        • 案例概要: In 1968, the US business, in 1980, the United States officially entered the home appliance industry, the United States in 1981 registered the brand. The world's top 500 enterprises, focus on white goods for more than 30 years......
        • 案例概要: 2014/01,AcBel Polytech Inc China Tangxia Purchasing Department Mr. Liu through the network to our Hongyun Hardware Co., Ltd., through long-term communication, Mr. Liu arrangements for staff over our factory inspection......

        Good Hongyun Quality From Good Molds

        We have a mold R&D team with 10 years of experience, break through technical difficulties in the high-speed punching sector, and have unique design ideas on the design and manufacturing of continuous metal molds. Precision   Fast We have enough inventories and boast short production schedule as well as a huge production capacity, so we can meet customers with requirements for spot goods at any time (install and deliver goods rapidly within 24 hours).
        We maintain our production equipment regularly and implement the terminal mold maintenance regulations. We also establish corresponding spare parts risk inventory to ensure the delivery time of terminals/inserts Profession Good We have solved large quantities and other industry problems (terminal tension is not stable), realized mass production of terminal and insert stampings. The stamping efficiency is high and the insert and terminal performance is good.
        Hongyun has the power to meet your demands for no matter GB or non-standard and customized terminals, inserts and sheaths (a wide range of product varieties and a complete range of models). Many Saving We charge no mold design fees in terms of terminal and insert die sinking; and refund the mold fees if the agreed delivery quantity is reached. Our service saves time, energy, labor and money for you.

        Select Hongyun
        Hongyun has been engaged in the terminal industry for 10 years
        Do everything well carefully
        Select Reassurance
        1Good Materials

        High-quality advanced and precision environmentally-friendly material
        Guarantee product safety and long service life from the origin

        Can provide quality guarantee for the core terminal of the electronic components

        (Such as product terminal’s pulling and inserting force, terminal surface smoke test, terminal environmental protection test, safety indicators, etc.)

        2Sophisticated Equipment

        Imported equipment meets enterprise’s precision demands
        Good products needs good equipment

        Hongyun has a large number of stamping facilities (Taiwan and Japan), boasts a high grade of terminal/insert stamping precision (punched hole precision± 0.01mm), and the stamping speed is up to (SPM1, 800) times.

        Hongyun has excellent metal stamping mold processing equipment, which are made in: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China and other countries. The overall precision of the mold reaches ± 0.002mm and the service life is up to 300 million times.

        3Strong Technology

        Technical backbone team
        Upright, Dutiful, Dedicated
        Rapid in Action, Being Grateful

        Can provide quality guarantee for the core terminal of the electronic components

        (Such as product terminal’s pulling and inserting force, terminal surface smoke test, terminal environmental protection test, safety indicators, etc.)

        • 概要: Mr. Wang has more than 10 years of experience in t...

        • 概要: Mr. Wang engaged in terminal mold design 10 years ...

        • 概要: Miss Zhang engaged in terminal mold design 10 year...

        4Good Quality

        Modern Management System, Authoritative Qualification Certification
        Ensure stable product quality

        • Hongyun

          Hongyun has passed the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, ROHS, UL, etc.and has become one of one of South China’s manufactories with the most complete certifications. (all the products will go through strict incoming inspection, IPQC inspection, OQC inspection and factory inspection)

        • Hongyun

          Punch acoustic insulation equipment refitting operation, field noise control in line with environmental protection laws and regulations, comprehensive occupational disease prevention measures, fulfill enterprises’ social responsibilities.

        5Short Delivery Time

        Constantly enhance production strength
        Rapid Shipment, Punctual Delivery

        For continuous terminal blocks, inserts and sheaths, send samples free of charge within 8 hours;

        For continuous terminal blocks, inserts and sheaths, deliver goods within 24 hours normally after placing order

        The company has a complete and standard staff system, a stable team, a technical personnel reserve mechanism and can cope with the orders effectively. Our after-sales service system is complete. We will do our best to make customers relieved and satisfied.




        Plant Encironment

        hongyun duanzi

        Terminal Insert Sheath

        Hongyun Integrated Service Gives Your Worrysaving Shopping Experience

        Here… are more terminal varieties and specifications!
        Here… are more abundant terminal production experience!
        Here… are advanced production and inspection devices!
        Here… are considerate, convenient and rapid after-sales service!

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